Our Company

Naneum was founded in 2005 to develop and market instruments for the detection and characterisation of airborne particulate matter. These products are now available through Ancon Technologies www.ancontechnologies.com.

Ancon instruments are highly innovative and specifically designed to be robust, portable and easy to use. This makes them particularly suitable for in-situ measurements.

In 2007 Naneum launched its first instrument known as the Nano-ID Select – now named the Aero Select. The Aero Select is a size resolving sampler which has had a number of successful applications characterising aerosols in workplaces, including crystal glass factories, ceramic factories and carbon nanotube manufacturing plants. Ancon now markets and develops Naneum’s innovations and develops and distributes products to many regions of the world, including: China and Asia, North and South America, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe.

In 2009 Naneum was awarded funding from the Department of Environment Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Technology Strategy Board to participate in the UK contribution to the OECD led assessment of nanotechnology safety. Naneum was also awarded funding from the EU to participate in the Framework Programme7 project known as Nanodevice. During 2009, Naneum participated in the FP7 funded Nanex project along with many high profile European Institutions to explore nanoparticle exposure scenarios. In 2010 Naneum launched a complete range of products for Aerosol Science. The product range is highly innovative and offers a range of products many of which offer unique and valuable functionalities and are available through Ancon Technologies.

Ancon instruments can be deployed in the following areas, to name a selection:

Ancon has laboratories and workshops in the South East of England at the Canterbury Innovation Centre in Kent.