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Naneum instruments

Nano-ID NPS 500

The Nano-ID NPS500 sets a new standard for high sensitivity and selectivity aerosol measurements. It provides the ability to measure particle size distributions over a range of 5 nm to 500 nm with 128 user-selectable channels. Read More

Nano-ID Select

The Nano-ID Select is a wide-range sampler and is unique in that it spans the entire aerosol range from 2 nm up to 20 μm. Read More



Nanoparticle Spectrometer Nano-ID™ NPS500

The Nano-ID NPS500 sets a new standard for high sensitivity and selectivity aerosol measurements. It provides the ability to measure particle size distributions over a range of 5 nm to 500 nm with 128 user-selectable channels. A proprietary Corona charger system is used instead of traditional low-level radioactive sources. This completely eliminates all of the associated shipping and import/export restrictions, the need for special accommodations where the instrument will be used and stored, and personnel safety training and record keeping.
A large touch-screen display and intuitive user interface allow the measurement parameters to be configured and sampling to begin in a matter of minutes. The on-board computer allows unattended operation, data storage and processing. This product satisfies the long-standing need for a research-grade instrument that is portable and straightforward to integrate into application-specific testing and research.

•    Particle size distributions from 5 nm to 500 nm
•    Operator-selectable dual function Particle Counter Mode – operates as 5 nm portable particle counter
•    Non-radioactive particle charging source
•    Fast scan speeds giving reliable results in as few as 30 seconds
•    Uses non-toxic, organic working fluid – provides up to 2,000 hours of operation between refills
•    Fast warm-up; begin sampling in 90 seconds
•    Large touch-screen user interface
•    Portable and self-contained, weighs only 7 kg
•    On-board data processing

Move Aerosol Studies Out of the Lab
The size, weight, and complexity of high-sensitivity aerosol spectrometers have largely confined measurements to the lab. The NPS500 has been specifically designed to provide the same sensitivity and selectivity for particle size distribution measurements to be made wherever the application requires them: the field, the manufacturing floor, or even the office. The portable nature of the instrument provides better value because it can be shared within a lab or department, maximizing utilization and reducing capital expenditures.

Simple to Configure and Operate
Sampling can begin with a minimum of preparation. After power and the aerosol inlet are connected to the NPS500, the user only needs to enter a few configuration parameters, such as the particle size range, the number of channels in the distribution, and the number of samples before data collection starts. Fast scan times mean that first results can be achieved within minutes. The touch-screen display provides all configuration capabilities and an on-screen keyboard for text entries for sample identification. No special operator training is needed. The instrument stores up to 500 measurements locally and the data can also be saved to a USB storage device for remote analysis and reporting. A standard keyboard or mouse can be connected for text entry and screen navigation if needed. The on-board computer, low working fluid consumption, and data storage capacity mean the NPS500 is ideal for long periods of unattended operation.

Dual Function 5 nm Portable Particle Counter

The NPS500 can be changed instantly from Spectrometer Mode to Particle Counter Mode by activating a soft-switch on the display. In this mode, the NPS500 is an alternative to hand-held Condensation Particle Counters (CPCs). Although slightly larger in size, it provides many advantages: (1) it is ready to begin taking samples in one minute compared to the 10 minutes of alternative instruments, (2) it eliminates the need to replenish or top-up the working fluid prior to sampling, (3) the working fluid is odorless and nonhazardous and therefore allows extended operation unlike instruments using butanol, (4) the large display provides a real-time charting function for trending particle count data, and (5) data is stored on-board and can be downloaded for later analysis.

•    Nanotechnology/Nanoparticles
•    Aerosol Science
•    Environmental Research
•    Industrial Hygiene
•    Health/Toxicology
•    Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality

The NPS500 is the first portable, easy-to-use, versatile Nanoparticle Spectrometer.
Thus, it can be used in various microenvironments such as:

•    Working places
•    Laboratories
•    Production facilities
•    Outdoors

It can be used in many areas such as:

•    Occupational Hygiene
•    Aerosol Characterisation
•    Filter Testing
•    Combustion Aerosol
•    Atmospheric Science
•    Clean Rooms
•    Nanotechnology industry


Size range: 5 nm – 500 nm
Aerosol flow rate:
0.2 LPM
Number of channels: 
64 per decade, 128 total
Measurement scan time: 30 seconds to 5 minutes
User selectable Max particle concentration:    
105/cm3 particle counting mode 107/cm3 spectrometer mode
Corona, non-radioactive source
Working fluid: Proprietary non-toxic organic compound
Fluid consumption:
Up to 2,000 hours between refilling reservoir
6 inch colour touch screen
Operating range:
15 – 28°C, 10 – 90% RH non-condensing
Operating pressure:
1 atmosphere
Dimensions: 30 (L) x 33 (W) x 26 (H) cm
90 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
7 kg

The Nano-ID NPS500 can be supplied with Naneum DataVu Software:

Sample images of the screen readings and reports generated through our DataVu software.

Nano-ID - BP400 Battery Pack

NPS500 inclusive with Nano-ID BP400 Battery Pack

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